Sunday, January 2, 2011

Top Eleven Things I Will Miss About Christmas Break

1.  My hubby as my hubby, not my boss.
2.  My kiddos coming in to wake me up each morning, not the other way around.
3.  Playing, coloring, and eating with C and M.
4.  Staying in my jammies past 6:00 a.m.
5.  Hours and hours of talking with Trev about anything besides school-related issues.
6.  Staying up until mid-night for no particular reason and with no particular regret.
7.  Coffee in a mug vs. a travel cup.
8.  Family movie time.
9.  Making a list and accomplishing every. single. thing. on it in one day instead of a week or two.
10. A perpetually clean house.
11. An up-to-date blog.

Good thing I love my job, or tomorrow (the last day of break) might just be a very depressing day! :)

This is probably the last time I'll see *almost* midnight until Spring Break!

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