Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Most Likely to....

You know those superlatives for yearbooks (most likely to succeed, etc.)?  Well, if I assigned superlatives to my projects, this one would win the award for most liketly to...

Never Be Repeated!

Let me go back to the beginning.  My husband is SUPER picky.  So, picky, in fact, that I basically never buy him any article of clothing (or anything else) that he has not pointed to specifically and said, "I want one of those."  When we were dating, I made the mistake of picking out things for him and they would hang in his closet with the tag still on them until years later when he'd slip him in the DAV donation bag (yes, I noticed!). 

Anyway, when he asked me to make him something, I was pretty excited about it.  It was kind of a compliment, actually!  So, I said sure, bought some black fleece (from JoAnn's) and found a shirt to upcycle (for the exterior), and set out making his hat today.  It's just a stocking cap and looks pretty simple, but it wasn't!!  It didn't take a long time, but it was kinda hard to figure out.  Several alterations later, here it is...

At least he likes it!

And, he just asked me to make him another with just the fleece.  I guess it needs a new superlative!!

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