Sunday, January 9, 2011

Curtains and a Camera Strap

I just realized that I never posted about our room since I finished the curtains.  So, here it is...

I used this damask fabric...
I love how the curtains make our room feel warm and complete!  If I would have known, I wouldn't have waited four years to put them up. :)

Also, I spent the afternoon with my SIL, Jennifer, today and we made this for her Camera strap...


I know these camera straps are all over the blogworld, but I am not fortunate enough to have an SLR, so this was the first opportunity I've had to make one.  I really loved the look of this quilted guitar strap, so I combined it with this camera strap tutorial.  It was a little tight, so if I was going to make another (like when I am fortunate enough to buy my own camera:)), I would make each side 3.25" instead of 2.75".  Anyway, I LOVE how it turned out and I hope Jen loves it, too! :)

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