Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Surprise in the Mail

Whew!  Today was a busy day!  Sometimes I feel like I have this "working mom" thing down great, and other times, it's tough!  Some days, work takes it out of me and then it feels like I have nothing left to give my poor husband, kiddos, and home.  Good thing they are forgiving and we all work together as a team to make up for my deficiencies!  I really do receive grace from so many different places in my life.

Anyway, today was one of those days.  I got home soooo late this evening, so I was a little discouraged walking into my home.  BUT, when I finally did get home, I saw this on our island...

The envelope was addressed to Trevor and the letter says "Our family has heard that you and Jennifer are wanting to adopt a couple of kids from another country, and God has laid on our heart to help you get to the point that will make this happen.  We know that it can be very expensive and we have also heard that you are trying to do this without adding any debt to your household and we think that is very cool.  So please accept this gift and use it towards the proceeds of the adoption."

How awesome is that?!  God continually shows up to tell us that this adoption is completely in His hands.  He continues to amaze me in how He is providing for us emotionally, spiritually, and financially!

If you are the sweet family that sent this to us, let me just say THANK YOU!  Your generosity means more than we can say.  Thank you for allowing Jesus to shine through your gift. :)

P.S. So far in this journey, our fundraising efforts coupled with generous donations have totalled $2,794.14...that's almost 10% of our total adoption cost!! :)


  1. Love this! HE is faithful and He will provide every last penny!!!

  2. SO COOL! It's amazing to see how God provides!

  3. Praise God!!! Do you want to know what is even wierder? We got a letter Very similar to that in the mail on that exact day! It happened to be the same day we mailed off the aggrement & first big fee. I love when the church is being the church.


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