Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Top Ten

Knowing that we have another month {roughly} before we will have a court date, I am resolving to make a top ten list of things to accomplish while we wait. I chose ten in honor of the fact that our little man turned

months old on Sunday. We got new pictures and it looks like he has really grown!!  Side note: We were told that he loves dum dum suckers {ah, the Chase sweet transcends borders!} and in the most recent pictures, it appears that he is wearing underwear, which makes sense because they start potty training at 9 months!

Anyway, without further ado, the top ten things to get done before Bek turns 11 months...

Read a book from start to finish {book is selected and started...Kisses from Katie}

Memorize weekly scriptures each week {our church is doing "A Year with Jesus" and we are given a scripture card each week}

Have some "girl time" with just me and Melia

Go on a date with my hubby

Take Camden on a Mother/Son date

Send a present to a friend that has been super supportive in our adoption

Organize and carry out the "Adopting a Waiting Child" series the last half of February

Do t-shirt fundraiser~Adoption Rocks 2012

Finish taggie blankets {I have three that I just keep putting off! :) }

Get a pedicure and a haircut

OK, here I to start my list! :)

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