Thursday, February 16, 2012

Seven {the point...}

If you didn't have a chance to read yesterday's post, please stop and read it before you go any further {pretty please?!:)}

So, here's the story...I "met" Sarah Kologek a couple of months ago through our agency's yahoo group.  We discovered that we'd received our referrals just four days apart.  I also found out that their referral was not for a baby, but for a SEVEN year old precious little girl named Rediate.  Because of the fact that our Melia was about to turn SEVEN, the Kologek's story resonated deeply within my heart. 

Sarah and I have exchanged messages, prayers, and words of encouragement throughout the last couple of months and now YOU have an opportunity to help them bring their little girl home.  Find out how at the end of their story...

We are a Jesus-loving family of 3 - soon to be 4!! Through prayer and scripture, God has called us into His ministry of adoption. We feel blessed that He has chosen this path for us as a reflection of our own adoptions as His children. Our adoption journey officially began Jan. 21, 2011. After completing the initial wave of paperwork, Janet Jenkins worked with us to complete our Home Study, and we began the wait to be matched with the child God had chosen for us. After only waiting for 7 weeks, we officially accepted our referral from Children's Hope International November 14, 2011 for a healthy and beautiful 7 year old girl whose name means gift from God.

Rediate was born in Ethiopia in November 2004 (American calendar). Relinquished just 8 months ago due to the illness of her parents, she has become incredibly connected to the caregivers and children at the transition home.  During our initial visit to Ethiopia, we were amazed at what a giving and confident girl the Lord had placed in our lives. Rediate was immediately affectionate with us, and made a clear connection with our 8 year old daughter, Rowan. We passed court Feb 2, 2012 and we are now waiting for the call to travel back to Ethiopia to bring our daughter home.

One of the biggest reasons we felt we were called into His ministry of adoption was to open ourselves up to what God might do in our lives. We knew we had to grow in our dependence of the Lord. We have held numerous fundraisers and we have raised all but $4000 of our adoption costs. Praise God!! If we'd had the money up front, we would not have been as verbal as we have been about God's faith and love for His children and about how anything is possible with Him. To some, the cost may seem like a road block; to us, it was a sign that God is a part of our process. God has made it clear to us that He will provide the $4000 needed to complete this chapter of our story in His timing and through His people. We are so blessed to have so many people working hard to bring our daughter home into her forever family. Thank you all so much for being a part of our daughter's story, our story, our family in the making.

Sarah, Ian, Rowan, and Rediate Kologek

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him who have been called according to His purpose.
Romans 8:28


So, it occurred to me that WE...all of you and me could quickly and easily help the Kologeks bring sweet Rediate home.  Here's how...

Click HERE to pay by
Log into your PayPal account
Type in the amount you want to donate
Put in the recipient

You can select to donate as much as you feel led, but I'd like to challenge you to donate an amount that is significant to you. 
Maybe you'll select SEVEN, because Rediate is SEVEN years old.  Maybe you'll donate TWENTY-TWO because if you add up ages of your children, that's the sum.  Maybe you'll donate TEN because our little Bek is ten months old and you're helping to pray him home.  Maybe you'll donate FIFTY in honor of a significant someone's age. 

Whatever number you decide, be sure to note in the comment section WHY that amount is significant.

Ready?  Pray. Donate. Be Blessed.



  1. Thank you so much, Jen for opening your heart to our story and posting it here. I just read and re-read your post before and it really puts into prespective just how it would feel if we had no choice but to put our child up for adoption due to illness or poverty and just who would take in an 8 year old. I am forever grateful for you and our friendship and the bond that has brought us together. Thank you to firends, family and strangers alike for helping bring Rediate Zahara into her forever family♥

  2. A beautiful story! Thanks for sharing. We passed court on January 24, so maybe we'll all be at embassy together! :)

  3. That would be great!! This is from Sarah!! Same with the comment above. I am not good at this so I do not know how to put my name in..I had to click Anonymous lol

  4. What was the outcome of the Kologek adoption? Did they receive enough donations to adopt their beautiful daughter? God bless them!


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