Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Adopting the Waiting Child 2012


Last February, we did a series on our little ol' blog called "Adopting the Waiting Child".  The series was born out of a tugging in my heart to bring an awareness about children who sit on waiting lists waiting for a mother and father to bring them home; a forever family.

The stories of the families that you read last year on our blog and those that you will meet this year highlight children who have waited for various reasons...they were "older" {a child who is over 2 is often overlooked by families looking to adopt because they are no longer infants}, they had minor to severe special needs, they were minorities in their birth country, or they were malnourished. 

These stories will also show what happens when we set aside our own personal agendas and fully rely on Christ.  He is a friend to the orphan and the Author of our own adoptions into His family.  Christ provides us with a beautiful picture of adoption when he allows us to become His children.

I pray that you do not take these stories lightly.  I pray that as you read them they will strike a chord in your heart and that you will respond.  Whether that means you research waiting children with an open heart asking God to reveal YOUR child to you or if it means you support someone as they pursue a waiting child, please be sensitive to what Christ wants to whisper into your heart through the stories of these families.

Lastly, the families who provided their stories will be reading their posts.  Please comment words of encouragement to each family freely. :)

**What's that?  You missed last year?!  Well, you're in for a treat...click here for Adopting the Waiting Child 2011.


  1. Here's the story of how we came to select waiting children (ages 7 and 8) even though we're first-time parents. Talk about crazy! :) http://likethelove.blogspot.com/2011/11/spooky-aka-how-it-all-went-down.html

  2. Oh, Kim...pretty please may I share your story on here on one of the days for this series? If so, could you E-mail me your story {including where you are now} and some pictures?! :) jnchase311@yahoo.com


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