Friday, February 24, 2012

The Donaldsons-One Year Later

One year later
A year of firsts for our older adopted children
*We first heard the Donaldson's story here last year. :)

At this exact time last year we had made our first trip to Ethiopia to meet our children, Faith and Abey, and were excitedly waiting for clearance to travel back. As it went, we had to wait the longest out of our group and didn't travel until May for our second trip. BUT, they walked into our home for the first time on Mother's Day last year and that was a great gift!!!

This first year has been one of joy, adjustment, trial and triumph. Adopting the older child provides circumstances that adopting a baby does not. These circumstances add richness and great blessing, but they're not always easy. We have been given a chance to really walk through restoration, redemption and healing with our kids. At times it has been taxing, stretching and heart breaking, but it has also been rewarding, renewing and a great privilege!

Language was hardly an issue at all! They picked up English so quickly and although I know there were a few times where we weren't able to completely communicate, I don't remember it being major. They are both reading now.

Home Schooling has provided a great time to just be able to be with them and bond. We have had many conversations that are part of the healing process that probably wouldn't have happened without that time (We have 3 older, busy kids who are in school).

So, almost a year later, these precious children of God, have shown us so much, made us laugh, stretched us, melted our hearts and blended in so well. Our lives are definitely richer because of them. Ado

These pictures show some of their "Firsts":

Thanks for this opportunity to share a follow-up. We love our Faith and Abey!!

~The Donaldsons

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