Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Before our first "Adopting the Waiting Child" post {tomorrow!  EEK!  so excited!!}, I want to share something that God has laid on my heart. 

For just a minute, I want you to envision my sweet baby girl, Melia. 

In case you missed it, this amazing blessing from God just turned SEVEN!!

I cannot say enough about what Melia means to our family.  She is relishing in turning SEVEN and anytime she sees the number or someone says the number, she says "Mommy!  SEVEN...just like me!"  {She's a numbers kinda girl}.

Now I want you to envision what it would be like for our sweet girl if something happened and Trevor and I suddenly couldn't raise her.  Also, please imagine if there were no friends or family who were willing and able to take her in as their own.  Our sweet baby girl would be considered an orphan.  And, because of her age, SEVEN, she would be hard to place, a waiting child.

I share this not to be morbid, but, rather, to help give perspective to who would truly be considered a waiting child.

And, to plant a seed....

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