Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Young Love

Oh, Kinley Marsh...

My boy has his 4-year-old heart set on you! 
Last week, when I was holding newborn baby Liv, Camden had this conversation with his Nana:

Cam: Nana, when I marry Kinley, we're gonna have a baby like that.
Nana: Oh, really?
Cam: Yep, do you think my baby's gonna be a boy or a girl? Huh, Nana, a boy or a girl?
Nana: Well, Camden, probably a girl; everyone in our family has a girl first.
Cam: Oh, ok.
Nana: What are you going to name her?
Cam: {without missing a beat} Eva, like on Wall-E. And, she {pointing at me} won't be my mom anymore.
Nana: Sure, she will.  She will always be your mommy like I am her mommy. 
Cam: Oh.
Nana: Where are you and Kinley and Eva going to live?
Cam: With Josh and Katie {Kinley's parents}
Nana: Well, that's not really how it have to go to college and get a job so you can buy your own house to live in.  What kind of a job are you going to get?
Cam: Well, for Halloween, I'm going to be an army man.

Oh, that boy!  It's always something!
{Since then, he has told me several times that he is going to be Iron Man when he grows up.  Saving the world is a noble profession, I suppose.}

P.S. Also on this trip on a particularly trying day for Mr. Camden, I asked him to get off the floor of Dillards and he yelled "You're ruining my life!!"  Is it just me or is this kid a little beyond his 4 years?!

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