Friday, July 8, 2011

Craft Week-Day Five {Name Signs}

We had the priviledge of hanging out with our friends, The Stricklands, last week for a day and a half.  Amber and I used to work together at good ole' Target back in the day.  Hands down, my favorite shifts were when we worked together! 

Well, we sort-of lost track of each other when she and her hubby moved away, but reconnected about a year ago.  I am SO GLAD God placed us back in each other's lives.  Even though we live four hours from each other, we easily pick up where we've left off each time!

Chris and Amber JUST joined us on our agency's wait list yesterday at #50 and, since I knew that was coming, I wanted to make a little something for them as a "congrats" for completing that crazy amount of invasive paperwork {that we in the adoption world know as The Dossier}.  So, on Wednesday, when their kiddos hung out at our house {while Amber and Chris went to Joplin to volunteer with Operation Blessing}, I dragged the girls downstairs to make a name sign for each of them as well as one for Strickland-to-be, Chloe.

For this project, we used 3/4 inch thick pieces of plywood, cut to 4x12", scrapbook paper {cut with my Cricut, using my Sure Cuts a Lot software}, Mod Podge, and Ribbon.

I had all of this in my stash, so this project was FREE!! :)

The girls were more than thrilled with how their new signs turned out. :)

These two kinda like each other! ;)  They played for hours and hours as if they've known each other forever {Melia even cried when she left!}.  I love that these two sweet girls will always be bound together by the fact that they are both big sisters to siblings from Ethiopia!

I also need to mention that my big FAIL of the day was not making a sign for the boys.  They were totally oblivious while we were making them {I'm pretty sure they were crashing cars, biting each other with their dinosaurs, or something else adorably "boyish"}, but when they saw them, they were sad that their big sisters has such cool crafts and they didn't.

They were pretty much over it by bedtime, though, cuz, let's face it, what 3-4-5 year old boys aren't totally pumped for a mega-sleepover?!
How cute are they?!

P.S. This week's posts have been so much fun for me...I hope you've enjoyed them, too!  I've been cranking out projects like crazy this week, too...maybe a craft week {take II} is in the works!:)

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  1. Well, I've enjoyed all your posts this week during Craft week. But of course this post is my fave! :) The drawstring bags is a close 2nd. Thanks so much for loving on my kids....and yes Eli is still waiting for me to make his sign. lol.


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