Thursday, July 7, 2011

Craft Week-Day Four {$1 Team Draw-String Backpack}


If you know me in real life at all, you probably know that I love to buy things for as teeny a pricetag as possible.  So, when my amazing friend, Lisa {love you, girl!} picked up two Wal-Mart bargains: $1 Carl Junction t-shirts, my mind quickly wondered what I could make with them. 

Now, maybe you're thinking "Um, how about wearing them like a normal person?!"  I have a good answer for that:  between education and careers for Trevor and I, we have 29 years in the Carl Junction school system.  To say we have more than enough CJ shirts is the understatement of the year!!

Anyway, after allowing the wheels in my head to have an uninhibited whirl, the Team Draw-String Backpack was born:

The best part was it took about 20 minutes for both backpacks!

Off to Nana and Papa's for a slumber party... 

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