Friday, May 11, 2012

Introducing OUR SON!!

Our "Adoption ticker" on the side of our blog reads

This is how long it has taken for this beautiful baby boy

our referral picture

to become a Chase!!

Today, May 11th, 2012 is Bek's official ADOPTION DAY!!

So, without further ado, introducing
Bek in Africa on his birthday

Bekele is the name that we chose for him, which we mentioned here.  Bekele is an Ethiopian name that means "he has grown/he has become".

Bahire {pronounced B-har with a hard "h" sound and a little flip of the "r"} is the name that was given by his birthmother.  Bahire means "vast" as in my love is as vast as the ocean.

Chase, of course, is his tie to his FOREVER FAMILY!!

We are so amazingly thankful!  So many of you have committed to praying and have been so supportive through these hard weeks and months.  Please don't quit...we still have many steps to go before he's home! 

Here's what's next:
  1. Adoption decree gets translated
  2. Bek's passport
  3. Bek's birth certificate
  4. Bek's visa medical examination
  5. Submission to the U.S. Embassy
  6. Visa Appointment
We really can't even begin to guess how long each of these steps will take, but we know for certain that Christ will continue to carry us through the remainder of this process and our sweet baby boy {the newest CHASE} will be with us in his forever home very soon!

In the meantime, expect to see LOTS of pictures and videos of our little man posted here on our blog! :)

Thank you, friends, for your continued prayers and support!


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