Saturday, May 12, 2012

Birthday Boy

Guess whose birthday was last weekend!!

Yep!  It was Big Brother Camden's 5th birthday last Sunday!  We had so much fun.  At our house, when your birthday is on a weekend, you really get a birth-weekend full of celebrations (instead of just a day). :)

It started on Friday at Camden's pre-school...

...then continued on Saturday when we gave him his gift from us...

...and had his birthday party at the Macaroo Gym.

God gave him a really amazing birthday present that night...
{the supermoon, May 5th, 2012}

...and then we concluded his birthday festivities on Sunday with a gift from Sissy...

...and a party at Nana and Papa's house for Camden and his May birthday cousins! :)

 {it was only Nevin, Jovie, and Cam's bday, but Nana is an equal-opportunity spoilist!}

 Thank you to everyone who made our newly-middled child's birthday weekend over-the-top fun!! :)

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