Saturday, April 2, 2011

Because We All Have Our Causes

Remember this post where I talked about how much I LOVE these shoes and the cause behind them?!

Well, my hubs equally loves these shoes and the cause behind them!
However, neither of us has shelled out the cash for the cause {and the goods!}.

So, today we were having a conversation about where we were on the waiting list in light of a little birdie who mentioned to us that we *might* be on the top of the waiting list for a toddler boy and that we *might* be second on the waiting list for a toddler girl.

I asked him when he thought we would get our referral and he guessed April 19th.  Then, he asked me and I said April 14th.  I thought we ought to make it interesting, so we made a little bet!  Here are the details {and how this story relates to shoes!}:

If we get our referral April 14th, I get to celebrate by purchasing my Sseko sandals.
If we get our referral April 19th, Trev gets to celebrate by purchasing his Toms.
{Closest without going over, of course!}

So, here's our challenge:
1. Leave a comment with your guess for our referral date.
2. Pick your cause that you could support by making a purchase (if you don't know of any, I'd be happy to provide a list!;)).  Type your cause in your comment.
3. If our referral comes on your guess (or close), indulge yourself and support your cause by making a purchase!

I hope you find this little challenge as fun as we did.  So excited to see how it will unfold!


  1. Ok....this is really tough. Initially I wanted to say April 5th because that is the One Day without Shoes campaign (by TOMS)....but then I thought that is in 3 days.....(holy moly) my official guess is May 5th. Right before Mother's Day.....If you are near my date, being that I am cheap right now......I will finally buy my Chosen Necklace b/c it is two fold---helps your cause & will be a testament to my love for our future daughter. (I am buying a necklace someday anyway....just not sure when) Maybe this will jumpstart that.

  2. April 11th. :) I pick livefashionABLE!


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