Tuesday, March 22, 2011

On Turning 31

This weekend, I had a birthday and turned 31!  Ouch!  Actually, I am excited about 31.  I think great things are going to happen at this age...just not sure exactly what yet!

For my birthday, we went to Kansas City and stayed the night in a hotel on the plaza.  We ate a *free* meal at BDs Mongolian Grill:

*Click the logo to sign up for a free meal on your birthday! :)

We went to World Market where I got this for *free*:
*Click here to sign up for WM Rewards...they sent me a $10 gift certificate for my birthday!

I received this from my hubby:

A gift certificate to Oasis Day Spa for a Mommy/Princess Pedicure that Melia and I will be partaking in tomorrow afternoon.  Trev really scored big on this gift from a comment I made in passing about how fun it would be for Melia and I to have a girls day and get pedicures together! :)

I bought this purse for myself for an AMAZING deal.  So amazing, in fact, that I bought two...one for me and one for one of you to be offerred in our next auction in June! :)

And, for the grand finale...

I bought myself a Canon Rebel!!  EEEE...so excited!  It is a couple of years used and I got an amazing deal on it.  I had the money for this courtesy of my parents (for my birthday), the ACT (from facilitating a test one Saturday), and Evangel College (for the intern that has been a total blessing to me this semester)!

I already love the pictures it takes!

Like this...

And this...

And there will be so many more to come! :)

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  1. Happy Birthday!!! So glad you had such a great day! Praying that this is an amazing year for you!


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