Sunday, February 20, 2011

Adopting the Waiting Child: the blog series

Our blog series, Adopting a Waiting Child, starts tomorrow.  This series was born out of this passion that I have developed for children who have no parents and the stark contrast of living in relational and materialistic abundance.  This series will be a collection of guest posts from adoptive parents who have adopted children who were "waiting" and, while this is different from anything I've done before, I am praying that the testimonies of these beautiful families will stir you.  So, if you are thinking of following along and reading our blog this week, I urge you...


until you have gotten on your knees and prayed about what this week is going to do to your spirit.  I pray it moves you to some action, whether that is to support those who have adopted, support those who are adopting, go on a mission trip so that you can love on those who need love, support those who are going in love, or (dare I say it?!) ADOPT a child, or two, or three.  YIKES! 

This post will serve as the home page for the series and will have an index of each story with a link, so if you think you've missed a story, you can always come back here instead of scrolling through to see what you've missed.  You can also feel free to post the button to your blog, facebook, etc. to help spread the word about this series.
Team Chase: 4 and Counting

Tomorrow's the first story...quick...hit the floor! :)

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