Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Trevor's Specialist Graduation

It is amazing husband is now smarter than me.  He has the paper to prove it!

On Friday, December 17th, Trev graduated from Southwest Baptist University with his Education Specialist degree in District Level Administration.  Let's just say, I am one crazy proud wife!  He has worked so hard for this degree and even wrote a dissertation with our principal (they went through the program together) that was published!!!

It was pretty great because the kids got to watch their daddy walk across the stage to receive his hood and diploma (holder :)).  Melia thought it was cool to read her daddy's name in the program.

Camden mostly just squirmed and told me over and over again that he couldn't see.  But, he is three, and it was his bedtime.


Trev says he's not sure if he will get his doctorate, but he's only 18 hours and another dissertation away.  Will our next two kids get to see their daddy graduate?!  Only time will tell!

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