Thursday, December 23, 2010

Waiting Day Giveaway!

You know how I love free stuff, right?!  So, in honor of our news today that we are a waiting family, I am going to do a giveaway!! :)

Let me introduce you to The Adopt Shoppe.  The Adopt Shoppe is owned and operated by an adoptive mother named Kate.  Kate and her husband adopted a beautiful baby girl, Mia, from His Hands Taiwan (the mission that we thought we would adopt from before God led us to Ethiopia).  Here is what Kate had to say about their adoption journey and her shop:

"My husband and I have been married for 11 years. We lost 2 baby boys before we had our 2 bio children, Madison & Mason. After M & M, the doctors said we couldn't have any more children. We've always wanted to adopt, but didn't know where or how to start. A friend told me about some missionaries in Taiwan that help women there that are willing to give birth to their babies and make an adoption plan for them instead of having abortions--which is incredibly common and VERY accepted, even encouraged there. We did some research on Taiwan. They worship SO many gods over there still. Pretty much any and every god but the TRUE and living God in heaven. My heart broke for these women/girls that had very little options/ no one to turn to or help/ and no faith in God. We wanted to ensure that at least one of these babies from Taiwan grew up knowing without a doubt that God the Father loves her. We brought Mia home in August. She was 5 1/2 months old when we brought her home. If you've adopted before, you know the cost involved. When we traveled in August, it was in the peak traveling time to/from Taiwan, apparently! We had to charge the outrageous cost of the plane tickets to a credit card. That's what I'm working to pay off. And after that is done, we will start saving to bring another little one into a Christian home! Thank you SO much for your help in our adoption(s) and for your interest in our story!"


While we were researching adoption options, I "met" Kate and instantly I knew she was a great lady!  Since that time, she has been a constant source of encouragement for us in our adoption.  Four days ago, Kate sent me this in the mail...

Isn't is gorgeous?!  I told her that I love it so much, I may wear it every day until we bring our babies home!

Anyway, Kate wants YOU to have one, too!! :)  So, we are doing a giveaway on this blog for one of Kate's necklaces (of your choice!)

If you'd like to win one, here is what you need to do...

  1. Visit The Adopt Shoppe and leave a comment letting me know which necklace you'd like the most. (1 entry)
  2. Blog about The Adopt Shoppe, link to it: and come back here to leave a comment with the blog address. (5 entries)
  3. Link to The Adopt Shoppe on facebook and comment here to let me know that you did. (1 entry)
  4. "Like" The Adopt Shoppe on facebook and comment here to let me know. (1 entry)
  5. Here's the fun one:
  •          Show your family members The Adopt Shoppe at your Christmas festivities
  •          Have them pick which one they like the most
  •          Leave a comment with everyone's picks
  •          You get one entry for each person whose name and preferene you type in your comment!!
Don't forget to leave your E-mail address in the comment(s) so I can contact you!

Giveaway is open until Wednesday, December 29th at midnight, Central Standard Time.  Good luck!!


  1. LOVE the Ethiopian Adoption necklace! I also visited the Adopt Shoppe on Etsy and like the One Less necklace as well.
    Oh, and I "liked" Adopt Shoppe on facebook.
    Two entries please :)

  2. Praise God that you "waiting"!!!!! Now you need to play the song "Worship while I wait". :) OK---I wasn't going to do the giveaway---BUT Eden begged me too. She would choose one the one where she could list the names of her whole family (gotta love her). I would choose the Ethiopian Adoption one or the names. I can't decide yet. I know I will get some in the future. I also "liked" on fb and "linked" to fb. So.....I will see if I get a chance to blog or not!!! Love ya. Amber

  3. I liked the Custom Children Grandchildren Scrabble Necklace.

  4. I like the Ethiopian Adoption necklace! I liked the Adopt Shoppe on Facebook as well! Please give me 2 entries :)!!!

  5. I like the necklace with the kids' picture on it and also the Bible verse scrabble necklace.

  6. I, too, am an adoptive mother. We got our little angel from China in 2000. She definitely completes us. I praise the Lord for your family and their desire to adopt also. I would love to have the Child Scrabble necklace with 3 names.

  7. Jen,
    I love the Africa adoption necklace.

  8. I also "liked" on Facebook!

  9. I like the Romans 8:28 necklace. I also "liked" it on Facebook and also made it a "favorite" (on the Carterville PTO page, accidentally!) Pick me! :)

  10. love the necklaces at The Adopt Shop - esp the "waiting (im)patiently" ones. we are waiting to adopt locally in AZ.

  11. i blogged about your shop here...
    (but my blog is private so email me and i'll give you permission to enter)

  12. oh...and you can contact me here... hope i win!!!!!! =)


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