Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fingerprinting Appointment

It's official...we have been fingerprinted!  So, now we are at a new level of waiting.  It went really's amazing how God's hand has been so evident, even down to the very small details. 

Like this...

 This is my cousin that I ALWAYS looked up to as a little girl.  She was just enough older than me that I thought she was like walk-on-water awesome.  I remember when she got her driver's license (I was 8) and I could not WAIT to ride with her.  I also remember her braiding mine and my cousin, Beth's hair when we went on a huge family vacation to our Aunt's house on the East Coast.  So, you are probably thinking "um, back to the fingerprinting, please..." 

Here's the thing.  We live in the Southwest corner of Missouri, so we planned on being fingerprinted in Kansas City.  But, two weeks ago when our appointments came in the mail, it said that we would be fingerprinted in Fort Smith, Arkansas.  WHAT?!  The appointment was at 9:00 a.m. so we thought we would probably need to stay over night and *guess who* just happens to live 10 miles south of the USCIS office in Fort Smith?  You got it, my cousin, Trisha, and her two boys.  She graciously let us stay with them last night and we had the best time going out to eat with them and her boyfriend, Jeff, and then going back to her house and hanging out and just visiting.  Thanks, Trisha, for having us and thank you, Jesus, for your hand throughout our process!

As far as the actual fingerprinting goes, there isn't much to say.  We went, we waited, we were fingerprinted, we came home.  Quite easy! 

 Here we are on our way to be fingerprinted.
The USCIS office of Fort Smith, Arkansas

At this point, we have some documents to correct, some passport photos to have taken, a couple of parenting classes to do, and hopefully we'll be ready to get our dossier State Certified when our 1-171A (Background Check) gets here.  Things are really moving....

As always, thanks for praying us through this process...they are protecting us; God's provision is evident!


  1. I totally agree with your wasn't a big deal [at all.] :) I also kicked myself later that night when I found out they have walk-in appointments and we could have gone in two weeks ago! You live, you learn...all in his timing.

    So glad to be moving forward at this point. What age sibling set are you looking to adopt?

    It's such a riot to be going through this with another family!

  2. Yay for fingerprinting! It is such a small/quick task but such a huge step in the adoption world! I remember when we got fingerprinted for Kyler and it was like our own little Amazing Race....the building is not so easy to find in KC but we eventually found it...then we headed to Topeka to get stuff signed and notarized by the Secretary of State and then back to KC to the TECO office! So much fun! I cant wait to do it all again!!!
    So glad things are moving along for you all! Love you friend!!

  3. Emily, we are requesting siblings aged 0-3. We would probably go older, even, but our "baby" is only 3 and a half and CHI recommends that the oldest adopted be at least a year younger than any other child in the home, so...

    What age/gender are you all requesting?

  4. Our preference was for a boy or girl less than 12 months! I hope things are going well on your end. I'm so excited to be nearing the end in the paperwork phase:)



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