Sunday, May 16, 2010

SuperHero Party!

I love party planning. I really do. I think I should have like a hundred kids so that I can plan parties year round. OK, maybe that's going a little overboard...I do want to show you the super-simple SuperHero party that we just did for my 3 year old, though.

Camden is so into SuperHeros right now! I knew I had no choice in the matter when we came back from Spring Break and my parents told us that he talked about his SuperHero party every day we were gone. So, the party planning began. I had seen some super cute SuperHero stuff on the web and my friend, Amanda, from told me how to make her super easy (and WAY cute) capes. I found a FREE pattern for masks on this website: and also got some other decorating ideas (i.e., use stars everywhere!) Since we only do "family" parties until the kids turn 4, I decided to make 6 cape and mask for C, one for M, and one for each of their 4 cousins. I am THRILLED at how they turned out:

I mean, seriously...couldn't you just eat those six up?! They are SO cute!!

Anyway, the rest of the decorating was pretty simple...we stuck with stars and the Dollar Tree was my best friend. We got balloons, plates, napkins, cups, star-shaped candy holders, Spiderman water squirters (Spiderman ball for the little one), and a Spiderman coloring book for decorations. Daddy and Granny made ice cream cakes, Nana provided the M&Ms, and we had SuperHero punch (aka Strawberry Lemonade) for treats. It was super low stress (once I got the capes done!) and SO much fun!

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  1. i AM SO proud to know these super hero kids. They remind me that God has not given up on the world. They may help save it!
    uncle darrel


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