Friday, June 24, 2011

God's Resort VBS

On Sunday, June 12th, I received a phone call from our Middle School minister at our church requesting my help with Vacation Bible School at one of our community outreach buildings called God's Resort.  Now, let me first say that I have never directed a VBS nor did I even know much about God's Resort, but, you know me...I was excited about the opportunity and that they had even thought of me to help.  So, I quickly agreed, having NO IDEA how much this project would bless my heart.

The next day we met at the newly acquired Community Center and I got the full story.  God's Resort is a block of 33 apartments located in Northwest Joplin {exactly 5 blocks from the tornado damage for those of you whose best reference to Joplin is the tornado} that was purchased several years ago in an attempt to "clean up" the area of the crime for which it had become known.  {Before it was God's Resort, it was known as "The Last Resort" as it was ridden with crime, drugs, and 80+ police reports per month!}  Since the acquisition, police reports have been reduced to an average of 4 per month and GR is now self-sufficient.  The residents must abide by strict {research-based} requirements which help to maintain the high standards of the Resort.  Recently, the GR board desired to purchase a Performing Arts Center {which is an old church} just half a block from the apartments.   They prayed fervently for the Center and the day they decided to purchase it, the owners had dropped the price by $40,000!  A total God thing!!

Anyway, in an effort to reach out to the kids in the neighborhood, College Heights {our church} ran a three day VBS.  A team from Nebraska came to bless the neighborhood through their work at the Community Center and through helping to run VBS.  They worked tirelessly for three straight days and were such a blessing to this ministry!

The Nebraska Team

Each day, we had craft time, Bible story time, game time, and music time 

On the last day, Camden and Melia came to join the fun

After VBS on the third day, we had a carnival! 

This hot guy showed up to grill burgers. :)

It was super fun and such a blessing to the kids and the workers!

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