Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lil Athlete Birthday t-shirt

Sad, but true, Lil Mister is turning 4 on Friday. *sniff, sniff* We started what will end up being a week-long celebration of his birthday last Saturday {a post is coming on that soon!} and, of course, I was concerned with what he should wear!!  I wanted something that he could wear more than just once, so "Birthday Boy" was OUT!  I was also looking for 2 little boy for his buddy whose birthday is May 12th and one for my sister's lil man whose birthday was yesterday.  Man, there were a lot of little boys born in May of 2007!

So, the Lil' Athlete Birthday t-shirt was born...

He liked it!  I know you can't see his face, so just envision his ridiculously huge smile...{covered in cupcake!}

Like it?  Want one?  I'm thinking about offerring a custom one (or two or three) in my upcoming auction.  I really think it would even be cute on a little girls fitted t-shirt.:)

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