Sunday, November 21, 2010

Blocks, Wristlets, and Purses, OH MY!

I have been a crafting fool, but have not posted about what all I've been making because of all the other fun things going on around here.  So, this little post is going to be devoted to things I've made. :)

First, I was determined to make SOME presents this Christmas, so I made these *super cute* blocks for my little bitty foster niece (love that precious girl!).  I'm sure they've been done before, but I'm pretty proud of them and love something that came from my own little brain and turned out just as cute as they were in the sketch in my head! :)

I also made her some HUGE flower bows.  I really only meant to make a couple, but just couldn't stop once I started buying the stems from Hobby Lobby.  You just can't beat a gift that costs less than a dollar to make and turns out looking so professional (plus, they are SUPER EASY!).  I actually think some of these will come from Nana. ;)

For adoption fundraising purposes, I have been making a bunch of shoes and a gazillion of these...
PhotobucketIPhone/IPOD wristlets.  I made 15 of them in various prints for our craftastic craft fair and ended up making four more of these owl-print ones (two orders were from the fair and two were from the Adoption Auction).  This cracks me up because T thinks this fabric is "weird," but we women LOVE it!! :)
Next, Miss Melia and I had a little sewing lesson using her Pixie machine that she got from her Granny last year for her birthday, and here is the result...
PhotobucketIsn't it a cute little pillow?
It's about 10 inches by 10 inches and I helped her quite a bit, but she had SO MUCH fun doing it.  PLUS, she wants to give it to her cousin (Lindsey's 2 year old) for Christmas.  I love that girl's heart.  When we were on our way downstairs to the sewing area, she said "Mommy, I'm so excited that you are going to be my sewing teacher!"  So sweet!

And for the grand new sling purse!
I used an old sweater (that was super cute on the hanger but made me look very square when it was on...who lives in a pineapple under the sea...) and this tutorial.  It's my first purse I made all by myself and I LOVE how it turned out.  I even added a couple of pockets to the inside to assist with my organizational issues!
There are definitely pros and cons with this purse.  Big pro, I love it and have a "new" Wintery purse.  Big con, I have the itch to sew stuff for myself and Melia but I have lots of other things that take up my time! ;)

Have a great Thanksgiving week.  I know we will...we have much to be thankful for...God has really blessed us all, huh?! :)


  1. You better keep doing all these funny crafty things because before too long I will have a little girl and I will need tons of bows and cute stuff like that!!!! Love you friend!

  2. Whoops....I said "funny" but I meant "fun" is late here!! My brain is off :)

  3. Hi Jen, I was just wondering if you got my email as I have not heard back yet.


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