Thursday, August 19, 2010

Let the School Daze Begin

We are off to an amazing start to our school year this year!! Especially considering the "newness" of it all:

A "New" Preschooler

Camden with his "new" preschool teacher, Miss Michelle

A "New" Kindergartner

Melia with her "new" kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Schmidt

A "New" Assistant Principal

Trevor with his 2 biggest fans!

(Yes, we look a little's MUCH earlier than we've been waking up the last couple of months!!)

I have to say, we are covering this school year in some major prayer! Between the four of us, we have the potential to impact so many people for Jesus and (as we tell the kids every morning) "show His love." Our prayer is that our love for Christ is contagious and those who are around us will want to know Him like we do! :)
Love you all!

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