Saturday, April 10, 2010

March: A Month of Significant Numbers

Several things happened this past month and it got me to thinking that we had some "significant" numbers in our lives on the 3rd month of 2010:

On March 1st, Trevor celebrated his 30th birthday.
On March 11th, we celebrated our 10th anniversary.
On March 13th, we left for Mexico and spent 7 days and nights on our anniversary vacation.

On March 19th, on our way home from the Tulsa airport, our little faithful 1999 Nissan Altima turned 150,000 miles.
On March 20th, I turned 30 and there were 8 inches of snow on the ground!!
Lastly, on March 25th, there was 1 HUGE sigh of relief at our house because Trevor received word that he was being offered the Assistant Principal job at our Junior High!! It is exactly the job that he wanted and I am SO PROUD of him!!!

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