Monday, March 22, 2010

My Stay at Nana and Papa's House

I'm so excited to have my first guest blogger today! While Trevor and I were on our Spring Break 10 Year Anniversary trip to Mexico (more on that in another post), Camden and Melia got to spend the WHOLE week at Nana and Papa's house (my parents). During the week, I wanted to commemorate everything that they did, so I had Melia dictate and my parents scribe her journal for the week. So, without further ado....

My stay at Nana and Papa’s
Saturday: Nana took me to Toy’s R Us for the Barbie birthday party. I got stickers and saw Claire and Isabelle Beckley that goes to my school. I got a new zhu-zhu pet named Raspberry. We played in the play room.

Sunday: We went to Nana and Papa’s church. I sat with Lindsey and Wally. I drew pictures. I liked watching Papa and Wally play their guitar and sing. We all had lunch at the Japanese Steak House. Lindsey came over and we watched Pingu (the penguin cartoon) and Veggie Tales.

Monday: We went to Sams then came back home and played. I walked to my house with Nana and got some clothes and a movie. We ate dinner and watched “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs”.

Tuesday: Gigi came over and we went to Springfield. We ate lunch at Subway and went to the Discovery Center. My favorite part was everything. We played in the grocery store, we had a puppet show. I played a giant xylophone. We met Brandon and Amy and got Wendy and Veronica. Wendy always, always loves me and never quits. Gigi, Nana, Papa, Camden, Lindsey, Wally, and I went to eat pizza at Gisanos. We came home and I slept for twelve hours.

Wednesday: We stayed home and watched Veggie Tales. I started working a puzzle. I started coloring a picture. I played with the kittys and they sat on my lap a long time until my bath was ready. I took a long bath and I talked to daddy and mommy. We watched a little TV and went to bed.

Thursday: After breakfast we fed the kittys but it was too stinky so I couldn’t. Cophie, Skylar, and Lindsey came to visit I played with Cophie and the mirror and Camden played with Skylar. Lolly came by and brought “Strawberry Shortcake” movie. We watched the movie and then went to Walmart. I got Whopper Easter eggs. When we got home Papa took me and Camden on a wagon ride to our house and we played pirates and papa was Captain Chocolate Chip, Camden was Captain Lookout, and I was Captain Driver. We played with the pink sand. We rode the wagon home and bumped head and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry so we laughed a lot.

Friday: We got up and Lindsey and Cophie came over then we went ot see the real baby chicks. I got to pet one while Nana held it. It was cute too. Then we went to the park and I got to see Sophie and Lucas. I got to swing and slide and play ball with Cophie. We at Happy Meals at the park and came home. Brandon and Amy came and we played outside. I ployed with Wendy and Veronica. We ate pizza and watched Veggie Tales. We decorated for Mommy’s birthday then went to bed.

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